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The RW Project 
was conceived with a purpose to
The RW Project was conceived with a purpose to


Free - in transparent authenticity. With present mindfulness. As an empowered creator. In pleasure seeking joy. On a curious exploration of the human condition. Connected to community. In harmony with nature and spirit. Believing anything is possible.


Led with integrity. To create with purpose. Driven by passion. In collaborative partnerships. Valuing the intangible and intuitive indicators. Anchored by an intentional vision. Flexible to listen and adapt. To capture spontaneous opportunities. Believing anything is possible.


Rooted in radical trust. Surrendered acceptance. Expansive intimacy. Courageously connected to the heart. Intuitively sensual. Present. Deep. Light. Playful. Vulnerable. Compassionate. Kind. Transparent. Believing anything is possible.

Through the power of
the Shared X™ in all of us.
THE SHARED X is a proprietary concept that makes “feminine energy” more accessible for women and men to come together with a united power to co-create. 
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Renaissance woman

Created with a vision to inspire and influence a 21st century Renaissance led by the power of 'the shared X' in all of us.

RW Project:  is a space, an experience, a community, an idea incubator, a teacher, a student, a creator – all laced together for the journey of “unbecoming to become” an artist of your own life.

think: storytelling, online workshops, fun experiences, mentorships, salon gatherings, art exhibitions.

for you to feel: reflective, curious, inspired, alive, excited to create, supported, seen.

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